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Bill MacLaughlin was born into a Military family and spent his childhood in both Massachusetts and Florida.  From High School, Bill entered the US Army National Guard as a communications radio and field wiring specialist, maintaining that position for 2 years until graduation in 1979. From the National Guard, Bill joined the US Air Force where he spent 22 years, traveling the world over, from Georgia to England to Arizona, Korea, and back to Georgia and, also serving tours in the South East Asian desert.

During his tenure in the Military, Bill also began working on computers and networking while continuing his daily job on the flight line, until his retirement in Aug of 2001. Since retirement, Bill has worked in the Cable - Dish Business, and installing phone lines and networking residential homes to give a customer access to the Internet from any location in their home.

With Bill’s twenty years of computer and net-working experience, he continues to work with Inetking Internet Services where he has dedicated the past 15 years, setting up and running numerous servers with a team of volunteers. Inetking Internet Services maintains servers for Internet Chat Relay services (IRC), Internet Bot Services, Web Hosting, and Teaching new comers to IRC.  Bill also has trained many new members to the Inetking family who now have Jobs all over the world working for ISP’s and other Computer and networking jobs.  He has also spent his years with Inetking learning and designing numerous websites and now has several websites and domains that he maintains.

Bill has been married for 32 years with two grown children; a boy and girl and is heavily involved in his local Church, designing and maintaining the website, computers and their network, while serving as head usher. Christian music is a passion and Bill has hopes in setting up a Christian radio show in the future. 

Bill is a member of the American Legion and American Legion Riders where he and his wife ride with the ‘Patriot Guard Riders’ in showing full support for ‘Our Military’ and what they are doing to Free Countries around the world of terror, while Defending ‘Our’ Country and its Freedoms which leads to his support of our POW / MIAs, and their families including the design of a website for them located at; http://www.missing-in-action.com  Bill also supports http://www.Worldvision.org for their work in helping, those in need from around the world, and has continued to sponsor a child, whom he and his wife consider: a member of their family. Bill became the Chaplain for the American Legion in 2011 and is still serving as Chaplain to this day.




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