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Monterey Bay Academy Alumni


Welcome to all Monterey Bay Academy alumni. The purpose of this web site is to enhance alumni communication with one another. This site, with e-mail, creates the possibility for high school friendships to inform our 21st century lives. Enhanced alumni sharing also heightens and communicates our shared vision for MBA's future.

This site will be constantly updated. Keep checking back. The site has a number of features and departments that are in development, including forums and a chat server. If you have pictures, articles, or suggestions, please send them to the webmaster, here. We look forward to hearing from you.

We need you to get involved. Contact your fellow class members and create a class site. Here are some suggestions:

1- select class representatives

2- network with your class to clarify your objectives

3- create a format for class specific site.

4- submit proposals for your class site.

We would love some new content for our site to help you and others. Please get involved and send your information or suggestions in.

If you are looking for the Monterey Bay Academy school web site, click here.

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The MBA alumni website was set up by, Beverlee (Johnson) Woodruff , Jim Perry, & Don Hamer. It’s goal is to enhance alumni sharing. Beverlee is the Founder and CEO of INETKING Internet Service, a non-profit Internet company that provides employment and personal growth opportunities. Beverlee’s training program prepares techs, networking, web posting and chat programming. Beverlee’s associate, Bill MacLaughlin, has been the Director of INETKING, Internet Services for fifteen years. He’s also webmaster for our alumni web site.



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