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 Monterey Bay Academy History for the year of 1949


1) MONTEREY BAY ACADEMY. A co­-educational boarding school on the senior high school level, established in 1949, operated by the Central California Conference, on the eastern shores of Monterey Bay, six miles (10 kilo­meters) northwest or Watsonville, California[...] Read More.

2) Swords to Plowshares Camp McQuaide to Monterey Bay Academy: We have just witnessed a modern-day miracle. On August 14 the Seventh-day Adventist Educational Depart­ment was awarded the key that unlocks 307 beautiful acres comprising the United States Army camp, Camp McQuaide[...] Read More. (Jan. 24 thru Feb. 7, 1949)

3) Monterey Bay Academy This morning I am indulging in the beauty, charm and inspiration of the wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean in the region of Monterey Bay. For miles to the north,[...] Read More. (May 23 thru July 11, 1949)

4) Our Newest School Monterey Bay Academy Central California's newest school will open its doors to students for registration on Sunday, September 4.[...] Read More. (July 11, 1949 thru August 15, 1949)

5) An Advance Step: The opening of the new Monterey Bay Academy On September 4 and 5 for student registration will be an advance step in educational progress in the Central California Conference. [...] Read More. (August 29, 1949 thru September 19, 1949)

6) Monterey Bay Academy On November 2 more than 160 stu­dents of the new Monterey Bay Acad­emy moved forward in their first Ingathering drive for missions. Eight carloads of students went to San Fran­cisco.[...] Read More. (December 12, 1949)

7) Monterey Bay Academy News Elder D. J.  Beiber will take up his duties as principal of the academy later this month. Cypress Bough was chosen as the name of the new school annual in honor of the enduring [...] Read More. (December 19, 1949 thru January 16, 1950)






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